You don’t have to rob a bank to travel! The Need for exploration

Collect Experiences, not things.


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Inspiration, for some of us don’t come that easy, for a few of us it comes as naturally as waking up in the morning, but for those who are like me, it comes through travel and exploration (how often can one afford those eh?) but it gives you a whole new aspect towards what you’re trying to achieve. I am an amateur writer and my main focus right now is budget travel and lifestyle, which I must say (as with all things related to the creative arts) requires a great level of inspiration since I aspire to bring out a whole new positive perspective of travel, to remove the fear and doubt that to travel one requires to drain their accounts….                    YOU CAN DO IT!

There is absolutely nothing interesting in the norm, strive to be your own person, discover, explore and create a legacy!


Travel for me is not just like a drug, it’s almost everything I dream of doing and becoming, it’s within me and if I could do it for the rest of my life, I’d say yeah! Lets go!” in short, I wouldn’t mind at all. I know for some of you this is not ideal but everyone has a passion that drives him or her. I found mine in adventure and discovery, in thrilling experiences and passionate conversations with people from all over the world.

There is a certain feeling you get when you interact with the local people in whichever country you’re in, it broadens your perspective in life. Just being able to see or experience first hand their way of living and interacting makes you realize that human beings are not so different after all, we only come from different backgrounds and grow up under different circumstances.


I am a foreign student in Beijing thus I neither have the time nor the extra finances to go backpacking across south-East Asia for an entire year, but I am determined not to let this minor factor hinder me, as Rome wasn’t built In a day. So I started by slowly saving up for a single trip, a two-week vacation to The Philippines.IMG_0089

Let me briefly mention that I’m from Kenya, Africa, some of us only used to dream about going to these paradise-like countries in the far east, we only saw or heard about them on TV adverts and commercials…

Only those with “pockets deeper than coal mines” got to travel to these paradise spots as often as they’d please, for students like me, it was simply unheard of, until now. So coming to China opened a whole lot of doors for me, not just academically but also travel wise. It’s certainly much cheaper to grab a flight to Thailand from Beijing than from Kenya isn’t it?


That being said I am on scholarship, meaning, money doesn’t grow on trees, thus if I do get to travel I can only do it for a short period of time, definitely on a students budget with money saved from my stipend and part time gigs. My long-term goal is to travel to all the countries in the world, but for now I’m conquering South East Asia.

Stay tuned for my next posts which will advise you on exactly how to spend less but experience a whole lot more in Thailand!