Krabi, Thailand, the place to be.

6 days in KRABI

A home away from home


My little slice of heaven, an amazing place that is situated on the west coast of southern Thailand; romantic, beautiful, a most relaxing experience indeed. It offers spectacular scenery, beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, caves, numerous islands off its coast and jungles in its backyard. Best time to travel is between the months of November and April.


To put it plainly, Krabi has everything that Phucket has to offer but it’s certainly less commercialized.

I wasn’t aware of this fact until I arrived in Bangkok and met up with a couple of friends who had been traveling the country for three weeks. They gave me some very helpful tips so I ended up changing my entire travel route to accommodate Krabi town. I must say, It was totally worth it. I got to fall in love with the beach town, went on a couple of incredible tours and made a lot of new friends.

Getting there

From Ko Pha Ngan we took a 3hr long ferry to the port and then, got on a 3hr long bus ride to Krabi town. Another short cab ride got us to Ao nang beach where we checked into our hostel (I was quite literally dying at this point). From Bangkok, flights are available to Krabi Airport.

Where to stay

Luxurious but affordable hotels around Ao nang beach go for about $15- $50 a night. Hostels, like the one I stayed in (Moments hostel) was super cheap, $7 a night. Party lovers I recommend you check out Slumber party hostel, the best in the business!

Foodie’s paradiseIMG_3011

Krabi, being a coastal town, has seafood featured prominently on the menu. Nevertheless there are restaurants that serve international cuisines, and others that serve traditional Thai food like Tom yam.

Tours and travels


You’ve probably seen it countless times on instagram and wondered, where’s this place really? It became a hot touristic spot after the movie “The Beach” was shot there. Beautiful crystal clear emerald waters. TIP: If you want to enjoy it without a crowd of people hovering in the scenery, it’s best to go in the AM (thank me later). So this tour cost $30, bargaining is key. I recommend booking a tour with the vendors along Ao nang, as hotel/hostel tours tend to be over priced.

The tour entailed a one hour-long stop at Bamboo beach, snorkeling at Phi Phi lei and Viking caves, a stop at Maya bay beach, lunch at Phi Phi don and the last snorkeling stop was at monkey beach.

Bamboo beach
Phi Phi Lei
Viking caves


Maya Bay



This one day tour was by far the most challenging -but thrilling- experience I had had..(when I climbed up the mountain to the temple)  I know I make it sound like I hiked Mount Kenya, but for someone who isn’t very fitness conscious, it sure felt that way. This tour entailed a visit to the hot springs, emerald pool, and tiger cave temple. It cost about $18.

Hot springs
Emerald pool
Blue pool
Tiger Temple Cave

I didn’t get a chance to go into to the cave, I instead chose to climb up the steep mountain. The view was beyond breathtaking.

I did two more tours the rest of the time I had in Krabi, but I’m saving that for my next post. Buy less, Travel more!