Luang Prabang, tranquil sleepy town

A Unesco world heritage site which is a quaint old town situated between two rivers; The Mekong Delta and Nam Som river. I spent a number of night’s whiling away the time in the quiet atmosphere that nature offered.

Luang Prabang town by day is urban coffee shops, little cafes and bakeries, by night it transforms to candle lit or fairy lit dinners, barbecue buffets and a lively night street market.  It also boasts a fair share of architectural wonders- Buddhist temples and breath-taking views of sunset by the Mekong or, gasped upon from the top of mount Phusi.

Laotians, are very kind and honest people. They live a very simple life which adds to the charm of this town. Locals and tourists live side by side in absolute harmony. Morning markets are a great way to witness all the flavorful ingredients that go into the tasty Laotian dishes.

I had no prior expectations about Laos , but I came and  experienced the warm natural, mountainous terrain, calm rivers, gorgeous sunsets and mouth-watering food.

How to get to Laos? plus visa on arrival yada yada

What to do in Luang Prabang

Kuangsi Falls

Tad Sae Waterfalls

Old town

Temple runs and Alms giving ceremony

UXO museum

Big Tree Cafe- Catch a movie

Morning & Night market

Visit the mekong Delta and have a drink

Party at Utopia

Where to eat

Big tree cafe

Bamboo garden restaurant

Le belle bla bla bla


Night market

Where to stay




What’s the weather like in Luang Prabang?